Jeans and a white tee // ジーパンと白撮影

If I could, I would probably live in this outfit for about 90% of my life. The rest of it would be spent wearing flouncy, knee-length dresses (a la Reformation) and dainty bralettes under kimonos.


心 room

Let’s say that your heart is a room and someone lives in it. You’re like a property owner and you’re renting the space out. The only difference is, property owners aren’t directly connected to the property they own.

You, however, are directly affected by the state of your heart, by what’s in it.

Who are you going to let live in there? I think that’s a choice we can make.



Art District Wandering // ダウンタウンでらくちん夏服

Saturday was an i-don’t-want-to-wear-anything sort of day (we all have those, right?) I threw on some white and some black and my trusty Everlane Day Heels and decided I was good to go. Off to the arts district!

夏だー。ロスの夏の始まりは気まぐれだからいきなり暑かったり寒かったりします。特に海が近いところはなおさら、ジャケットかカーディガンを持って行く事。ロスのみんなはジージャンでラフにしてます。この前ダウンタウンのArt Districtで探検してきました。ちょっと街が栄えてきてる、ボロボロだったけどだんだん新しいビジネスが入ってきて、はやり好きな若者がよく集まるようなトレンディーな場所になってきました。モデルと撮影現場が時々見れます。

Dehydrated-skin saviors: The 7-skin Method and the Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

My first skincare post has me lying on my back with a sheet mask on, trying to type while keeping my head flat on my pillow. Hooray for multitasking.

It’s probably helpful to mention that I have really dry, partially dehydrated skin. My research (basically me scouring other blogs/AB websites and being really shadowy on AB Reddit) and experience say skin needs two things—water and oil—in a good balance in order to be healthy. When water and oil levels are optimized, skin is bouncy, resilient, and soft. The overwhelming conclusion is that for successful skincare, one must find out their own skin-type (what they are lacking or what they have an excess of), and throw all the things it lacks at it until it is well-balanced.