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Hi, I’m Hikari (means light in Japanese). Thanks for stopping by.

I love Jesus. I also love clothes, skin care, wandering, writing, singing, and taking pictures of all that stuff, so I started Becoming Light to be a (somewhat random, hopefully lovely) room for all those things. I’m also in the process of exploring what beauty means as a daughter of God. My one approach to everyday beauty is effective simplicity–something that seamlessly incorporates itself into one’s life without hindering it or masking it.

Korea, Japan, America

I’m a Korean American born/raised in San Diego and currently residing in LA. What’s with the Japanese, you ask?

While I’m passionate about skin care and fashion, my primary calling is to Japan. I’m dedicating my life to sharing the good news of the gospel to a hurting nation. I’ve taught myself the language and have been going to a local Japanese church for the past three years. I’m also (somewhat) active as a Japanese singer/cover artist (primarily on YouTube), so that’s something you might see come up fairly often on this blog.

Many of my perspectives in regards to beauty and to life are informed by my faith and cultural upbringing.

I’m far from perfect (or even good, for that matter), but I hope that what I can share here from my interests/experiences proves an encouragement (or at the very least, an amusement) to you in your walk.








You can find me on instagram @behikari and on Youtube @HikariMusic.





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