Currently based in Nara, Japan and Los Angeles, CA. A space for thoughts, proclivities, and aesthetic things.

Hi, I’m hikari! In my free time I do beauty reviews, outfits, travel, illustration, music, and whatever else happens to catch my attention. Like little rays of light.

I’m Korean American, born/raised in San Diego. I grew up with all sorts of cultural influence, including Japanese (though not Japanese by blood; long story), and eventually found myself fluent in my three heart languages. Winding roads brought me to where I currently am today, living in Japan as a lover & follower of Jesus, happily dipping my feet in the streams of creative content.

This blog is written primarily in English. I also guest blog in English about my Christian faith/life in Japan at my husband’s blog here.

I hope this can be a place of leisure and inspiration for you as it is for me. Please feel free to reach out and make friends!

Instagram @behikari ・Youtube @HikariMusicSoundCloud

I’m available freelance [writer/reviewer/translator/vocalist/content creator/model] and am also open to collaboration.

📩 hikari.syn@gmail.com


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