Jeans and a white tee // ジーパンと白撮影



If I could, I would probably live in this outfit for about 90% of my life. The rest of it would be spent wearing flouncy, knee-length dresses (a la Reformation) and barely-there bralettes under kimonos. I was watching Vanity Fair’s feature of Matthew Gray Gubler—the one where he shows off his house—and he literally has a kimono closet full of kimonos in different patterns that he just wears around the house. And I was like, that is my goal in life, to have a kimono closet so I can wear kimonos around the house.

Before I get too far off tangent, back to the outfit I would live 90% of my life in. My sister is in graphic design (studying, also freelancing) and she was working on a few summer projects that required some shooting. We set up a little makeshift studio in our 2-bedroom by pulling the IKEA fold-out couch into the bathroom and setting up a white backdrop in the living room. These shots are preliminary shots we shot on my camera goofing around; once she finishes editing I’ll post the other ones.

I literally walked into the shoot without changing. My sister had called me short notice, so I had hi-tailed it home from the eye doctor knowing we were running out of daylight for good natural lighting. I didn’t have any time to change into something a little more editorial-worthy, so you see me here in my natural state; if you catch me on any regular day I’ll probably look like this—hair a little messy, no make-up except for a pop of lip color, jeans and a white tee. And socks too, I wear socks around the house. Judge me all you want; my feet get cold.


9割は白いTシャツとジーパン。残りの1割は膝に当たるぐらいのふんわりしたワンピース(おすすめブランド→ Reformation) と着心地が軽いbralette。着物もいいですね~ ちなみにアメリカで「kimono」という言葉は、もちろん本物の着物を指す場合もありますが、ほとんどの場合は袖がゆるゆるでふんわりと長い上着の事です。非常に人気です!夏のミュージックフェス(有名なCoachellaなど) にぴったりですが、自分はどっちかというと部屋着にしたいですね。(笑)



The combination of jeans and a white shirt is likely one of the most infallible outfit choices out there. It somehow looks clean and composed while still maintaining some of the relaxed cool of a girl who isn’t afraid to be caught eating hamburgers or a huge bowl of ramen (guilty). I take it into fall with a cardigan and into the office paired with a crisp blazer and block heels. Every girl ought to own a pair of good jeans (one light wash and one dark wash optimal) and several white T-shirts.

Where I stock up for great quality without the I’m-going-to-live-off-instant-ramen-for-a-month price tag:

White tees – Everlane

They have a lot of great cuts and options, from boxy to slim V-necks. My personal favorite (if you can tell from the shots below, I prefer slouchy tees that drape well) is the U-neck.

Jeans – Madewell

Madewell denim has never failed me. It’s always amazing quality for the price and looks better with age.  They also do free hemming (!!!) if you have an account with them (signing up is free!) and they also give you $20 off a pair if you donate an old one to be turned into housing insulation. That’s a hard yes from me, as I am 5′ 4″ (so practically all jeans I buy need to be hemmed), in my early twenties (aka poor) with all these janky, cheap, stretched out jeans from Forever 21 and H&M that I don’t know what to do with, and always delighted to find ways to turn my criminal spending and throwing away of fast fashion into something beneficial to others. I’m wearing the Perfect Summer Jean here, but I also live my daily life in the high-rise skinnies.

I changed into a black silk tank in between shots to contrast better with the background.













Aside from this outfit I also remember the other things I put on daily—grace, love, gentleness, faith, and my identity as His beloved. What outfit would you wear for the rest of your life?  Comment and let me know!

Strength and dignity are her clothing,
    and she laughs at the time to come.

Proverbs 31:25



箴言 31:25



Madewell Perfect Summer Jean in Fitzgerald wash // Theory white tee // Black silk tank

Lively mesh bralette in black

Adidas Superstars



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