hometown beaches & whites

A spontaneous day trip to my old hometown of Del Mar (northern San Diego) called for a pre-summer outfit and some beach pictures. I’m definitely a beach-girl, but not in the traditional sense. I’m more of a walker than a swimmer, and this especially holds true in San Diego, where the day may be blue-skied and fair, but the water will be frigid all year round. My experience of the beach is more like that–strolling the edge of the sand with a Board&Brew sandwich in hand, letting the water skim my toes, maybe with a book tucked away in my bag.

Incidentally, spring/early summer happens to be my favorite season for beach-going. I always feel like that’s when the air is a little cleaner and crisper. If July and August are represented by more vibrant colors (coral, ocean blue), I like to think that the spring-summer transition is characterized by clean white and more muted, soft blues.

It was seriously a lovely day, and the beach was super crowded! The Del Mar beach is beautiful, but the shoreline at the Torrey Pines Reserve is probably my favorite. That’s where we (me+1) took the majority of these shots. The beach is lined with rocks, and it’s a tad more isolated than Del Mar. My friend and I also hiked up to the cliffs around the coast and took a few snaps there.

I was also in for a colossal surprise, but that’s a story for another time.

My go-to for beaching (and just about everything in the spring and summer) is a clean, white button-up. I love my whites (tide-to-go is my best friend) and like to pair fabrics with occasions. Gauzier fabrics like the button-up I wore in this shoot are really casual and airy with slight polish, perfect for brunches and days out. I tend to save my crisper shirts for the office, church, or date nights.

Whites + jeans = foolproof (except for around that kimchi, keep that away from me). In some of the pictures, I’m wearing a lightweight Madewell cardigan from several summers ago.

As a side note, I love how that lady behind me in the pictures below flashed a lovely smile as she walked by. Also, that red bucket hat. /want

My bag (Mulberry Alexa in the larger size) was a graduation gift from a few years back. It’s a gorgeous, faded blue shade in soft buffalo leather that goes with just about anything. I think this bag wins when paired with slouchier, oversized fits for an overall carefree look because of its lack of structure, but it also contrasts beautifully with more tailored outfits. It’s a carry-forever bag.

Also can’t forget that half-tuck. With slouchier pieces, the half-tuck is everything, and a super easy way to look the right amount of undone. Details.

Processed with VSCO with e2 presetProcessed with VSCO with e2 preset

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

This was a very special day for many reasons, and it seems to show in the fact that I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing for these photos. I think the best summer accessory (or for every season) is a smile. What about you?

Back to LA~


BLANKNYC jeans // Elizabeth & James white button-up // Madewell cardigan

 Mulberry Alexa OS bag in slate blue

Steve Madden sandals

Unfortunately the Mulberry Alexa is no longer a part of the collection and cannot be purchased new. It can still be purchased pre-owned.

love, HIKARI


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