red cashmere & The Fifth Watches

My first outfit post. Experimental. Oh, i’m really no good at this, and it’s time to get better.

I shot this on a whim in my dorm room because my new watch from The Fifth Watches came in today, and I felt a stirring need to document it in its glory. Sorry for awkwardness and duck-face; as you can see, I’m not very agile in front of the camera.

Nothing exhilarates me quite as much as shopping. Girl, through and through? But more satisfying than the thrill of the purchase is the thought that I’ve secured an item that will fit seamlessly into my wardrobe, and that will thus be a pleasure to use/wear. There’s no real rhyme or reason to my preferences except that they always have something to do with efficiency and fitting into my ideal aesthetic—clean, simple, and classic (hence my penchant for neutrals, jeans, blouses).

I think you can look pretty darn smashing and be efficient about it too, a philosophy born out of the groggy, but willing-to-compromise laziness of a college student being prodded into adulthood.

Observation: how to accessorize in a (lazy) way that effortlessly pulls an outfit together? a good watch.

That’s why my new watch is giving me little spastic heart attacks whenever I look at it. The Fifth Watches, a company started in Melbourne, Australia, has an interesting business model that only releases a limited quality of their watches on the fifth of each month for five days (or until they sell out, which is pretty quick). my model is the Tribeca from the New York Classic collection (150 USD), and i decided on it because of its versatility.


The watch face is clean and simple, yet carefully detailed. It has gold casing and indexing, is unbelievably thin, and comes with two straps in rich brown and black leather. Basically, it goes with anything. It can be both a spring/summer watch, and a fall/winter watch: aka, worth it. I decided on the New York Classic range because it’s sleeker than the Melbourne Minimal range, but they’re seriously all chic and beautiful. The roommate (my lovely photog. Ren-chan) and I drool over them on the daily.

I’d been lusting after the black and rose gold Daniel Wellington, but I’m really glad I took a chance with the slightly more budget-friendly The Fifth Watches, because now I get two watches for the price of one, and I think I’m going to be using this for years to come. I’m even considering getting another one, the Upper East, which is pretty much the same as the Tribeca except that it’s silver, and comes with a black leather strap and a gorgeous gray suede strap. Practicing restraint. /dies

Also in this quick shoot is one of my favorite cashmere sweaters. A good cashmere sweater is a staple for winter, and I’ve been wearing this one constantly.

(By the way, sorry for no makeup and horrendous dark circles. School.)

Sidenote: For this post, I edited my photos with vsco, which optimizes images for mobile viewing. WordPress compresses images, and image quality is diminished if you’re viewing on a computer. Sorry about that! Trying to sort things out. If you’re on mobile while reading this, you’re golden. 🙂



IMG_0729 (1)





BLANKNYC jeans // Max Studio cashmere sweater

 The Fifth Watches Tribeca watch (w/ brown strap)

love, HIKARI


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